Friendica is a great decentralized social network. For android smartphones there are several clients available. For example there is the Friendica App for Android and Mustard (a StatusNet/Twitter client that can also be used with Friendica). Now it is also possible to run Friendica with in my opinion the best Twitter client for Android available, called Twidere. In this short tutorial you will see, how do it:

If you don’t have Twidere on your phone already, get it from the Google play store or from F-Droid, if you don’t use Google services on your phone (thumbs up in that case).

account_erstellenOpen Twidere and create a new account by clicking on “Add Account” in the main menu.







Screenshot_2014-04-16-12-15-22_netzwerkClick on the network symbol.








Screenshot_2014-04-16-12-15-49_apiAdd the address of your friendica server plus /api, f.e. if you have a user account on

Then choose Basic for Auth type.

Click OK.





Screenshot_2014-04-16-12-16-18_loginEnter your credentials: Username and password.

Click Sign in.







Screenshot_2014-04-16-12-18-06_dialHere comes the funny part:

Open your phone keyboard and dial *#*#8943373#*#*
to access a secret settings page of Twidere.

Note: On tablets you will need to use something like the SecretCodes Launcher. In this app you must enter the number only. Omit the *#*#-stuff.

On the secret settings page do the following:



Screenshot_2014-04-16-12-17-23_private_apiEnable the option Force using private APIs.

Optional: Define a different text limit clicking on Tweet text limit as friendica is not limited to 140 characters as Twitter is.






Screenshot_2014-04-16-12-27-19_voilaThat’s it! Enjoy Friendica with your Twidere App.







This tutorial is based on the knowledge Michael Vogel dropped in a Friendica Support group thread. I just did the screenshots and the editing. Thanks Michael!

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 How to use Friendica with Twidere by Hauke Altmann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  1. Steve Dowe says:

    Hey Hauke,

    Nice article. I tried to webmention it via my blog, but got an error using your webmention form below:
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    Here’s my link:

    My original question was, basically, have you made this work with the latest Twidere?


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