How to use Friendica with Pidgin

Friendica is a great decentralized social network. And the list of clients to use it that I’m aware of is getting longer, longer and longer. I just learned from the Friendica user AlfredツSK that you can use the well known Linux chat client Pidgin as a Friendica client. As with all the other clients I was posting tutorials here, it works through the StatusNet Api, that most Friendica servers provide. So, here comes another short tutorial, how to do it on Ubuntu/Debian systems (see the links below for instructions for other linux systems, Mac OSX and even Windows):

How to use Friendica with Twidere

Friendica is a great decentralized social network. For android smartphones there are several clients available. For example there is the Friendica App for Android and Mustard (a StatusNet/Twitter client that can also be used with Friendica). Now it is also possible to run Friendica with in my opinion the best Twitter client for Android available, called Twidere. In this short tutorial you will see, how do it: